Apr 17

Social Activities

Represent  a moment of large socialization which includes:

  • Recreational activities for elderly people: sunday tombola and relax afternoons once a month/week (in colaboration with Spes from Uliveto and Municipality of Vicopisano)
  • Adapted Fisical Activities (in colaboration with SdS Zona Pisana and UISP Valdera)
  • Book Loan Point in colaboration with Biblioteca Comunale di Vicopisano
  • “Alzheimer Cafè” activated in 2004 with a project co-financed by CESVOT
  • Gatherings, birthdays and social dinners
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Trips and excursions

The two most important events done for the children are “Waiting for the Witch” on 5th of January and “Youngsters in celebration” as part of the patronal feast.

Social dinners are organized more or less three times a year and they don't have a definitive programming. Consuetudine, on the other hand, is a celebration at the end of the summer that closes the annual activities, reunites youngsters, families and workers.