Apr 17


In CIF the informal trainings are realised through group course activities from October to May, and also through self-training using PAAS, TRIO and e-learning platform of CIF.

We organize basic and intermediate level computer courses and language courses : English, Spanish, German.

While in the past years were done only structural language courses, now are available individual courses on request and the language cafè - informal conversations in English and Spanish, in small groups.

The requests for computer literacy on the part of seniors remains high, especially women requests.

The computer science courses use Peer Tutoring and exploit the intergenerational meeting between senior students and the civil service young people who run the training.

In order to meet this need  CIF, in 2012, the European year of active aging, has created a partnership with Belgium, United Kingdom, Portugal, Turkey, Ca 'Foscari University, to present a project adressed for over 65 aimed at developing in senior citizens the skills necessary to use online technology and promote socialization among seniors also through international exchanges. The "HIHTAST - Hand in hand to a social tomorrow" project, funded by the European Commission on the Grundtvig program, code 2012-1- BE3-GRU06-05804-5, was completed in 2014.
In this project had participated more then 30 users from our local comunity, that also took part in international meetings from which resulted many friendships and successful partnerships.