Apr 19

Afterschool Programme

Organized space that allows children to study with other kids of their age, in presence of the qualified teachers

To whom it is adressed:

To children in primary and secondary schools


From October to June according to the school timetable, from Monday to Friday, from 14:30 to 19:30. The children are welcomed during the whole year, also for short period

With what purposes:

  • To offer an educational space within which an individual and / or group support service is done
  • Ensure attention and care in any uneasy situations
  • Stimulating the construction of an educational network between family, school, territory and services

What do we offer to the children:

  • The school tasks have a very important role because they allow us to get used to the regularity of the school commitment and the duty, but the primary purpose is to maintain the focus on the overall well-being and favor the ability to work in groups and socialization
  • Individual lessons for recovery and reinforcement on specific subjects (mathematics, Latin, science, Italian, foreign languages, etc.).
  • During the summer, individual lessons are available for the recovery of scholastic debts

What do we offer to the parents:

  • The tranquillity of knowing that their child is in a healthy, safe and educational space and at the same time warm and stimulating. Nevertheless, parents of the children  that choose to come to afterschool know that once they return from their jobs they can dedicade quality time to their children with no schoolwork to be done, while maintaining a continuing information, with positive effects on their relationship
  • With a view to the flexibility of the services that see the primary users children but as beneficiaries of families, especially the working moms, attendance at afterschool is not linked to an annual enrollment but is left to the free choice of families and need of the kids