All SPACES are multi-purpose and designed to be:

  • a meeting place where everyone has free access
  • a place that gives the sense of belonging to a group of friendly people
  • a place to turn to for information and the possibility of organization
  • a place to live independently, in harmony with its management and organization skills, in which one can become promoter and organizer
  • a place in which one can develop the need for security, belonging, esteem and self-realization
  • a formative and educational place in which one can also work on the relationship and where can develop and manage group dynamics and teamwork
  • a service included in work network in the area

The entire space is organized and equipped to allow formative, educational and socializing opportunities.
It has classrooms for training activities and for individualized study activities, as well as a large space with corners equipped for after-school activities and recreational activities for children and adults. This space is divided into different thematic corners, suitable to make the stay of children and adults pleasant, fun and safe, and it is equipped with furniture and games for the little ones, with book and educational material for study and reading, with PC for internet research and the use of compensating supports for children with learning difficulties, with a relaxation corner and snack corner.