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Who Are We

Centro Italiano Femminile(CIF) of Vicopisano is a voluntary association, registered in the regional register, section of Pisa - n. 337 D.D. n. 1919, which has been operating locally for over 20 years and is well established in the municipal area. Catholic inspired and formed exclusively by women, it adheres to the provincial, regional and national CIF network, dealing mainly with projects and educational activities for minors, projects and formal and non-formal trainings for adults and seniors.

Our main goals are to sustain:

Youngsters: promoting positive use of the leisure time, socializing and agregation; preventing discomfort; interfering in difficulties/disturbs in the process of learning in the scholastic age, sustaining the process of studying and school recovery

Women and family: carrying out the socio-educational activities, quantitatively and qualitatively speaking, in order to allow to the mothers to conciliate the times of maternity and the time of children with their working life; promoting the equal opportunities and full division of the house chores and taking care of children and elderly people; promoting measures of social nature and project of tutoring in order to assist and sustain the families which manifest economic and social fragility

The adults: carrying out the formal and non-formal trainings, guaranteering the rights of learning during the whole life, focalizing on the need of acquisation and updating of the skills

Over 65: encouraging life long learning and active aging through formative, cultural and social activities which streghten its role in the society, reduce the risk of social esclusion and improve the well-being during the whole life


CIF Vicopisano believes in the volunterism which performs its own action for free, based on the principles of the Constitution, of the Card of the values of volunterism and Social Doctrine of the Church, in order to promote active citizenship, solidarity, subsidiarity, rights, inclusion and social cohesion.


CIF Vicopisano operates on the field in order to increase family sustain, sustain of the women that work and youngsters, and in order to garantee the opportunities of cultural growth and social inclusion through the life long learning and in all contests of life, through active aging favoring the accomplishment of the fisical, mental, social and economic potentials of the elderly people.


The mission derives from our fundamental values inspired by the christian conception of life, person and family; reflects of our women identity, believers and citizens, and our cultural, politic and civil engagement orienteted towards solidarity and well-being of everyone, construction of the relations of human promotion, justice and peace.

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